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Winamp Full 5.666

Winamp Full 5.666 Free Download

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Winamp is a powerful audio and video player; it is the most famous and popular in its kind. It reproduces almost all audio formats as well as video if you have the set codecs.

With an intuitive and fine graphic interface, Winamp is the leader in reproduction of multimedia files.

You may modify its appearance with the famous Skins, there are thousands on the net and you may download them freely. So you will always have a new player and you will never get bored.

The formats that can be played are:

NSV, stz, AIFF, KAR, AAC, it, mod, RMI, WMA, AVI, MID, nst, stm, AIF, amf, M2V, WMV, MP3, okt, VLB, APL, itz, MP1, MP2, OGG, ult, m3u, CDA, MIDI, mtm, s3z, xm, far, MIZ, NSA, SND, xmz, 669, mp3, WAV, AU, mdz, MPEG, MPG, s3m, pls, VOC, ASF, M4A, MP4, ptm.

This new version incorporates a new function called “Remote”, this new function may administer this great player from different PCs that have an internet connection.

It counts with a FLAC decoder/encoder which is Nullsoft exclusive; it also reads the CD that you want to visualize.

Last modifications:

- Player skins have been changed.

- It included a new installer for it.

- A new unified editor was added, which includes a support for album covers.

- Modifications in the user’s interface.

- A new system called “"Winamp Remote" was addeded.

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